A Tint Soul creative project of an architect Liubov Polozhentseva provides support of the Customer’s object at all the stages of implementation from preparation of planning solution to decoration of premises after the construction works are completed. The services provided include: consultations on any issues related to the repair; all designing stages (planning and conceptual solutions, working documentation); furnishing of the object with all necessary decoration materials, sanitary equipment, lamps, furniture, facilities; designer supervision over the implementation of the design project.

The project team accepts no compromise in relation to quality warranties for the interiors created. Professional reputation is based on the following quality standards declared by Tint Soul project:

  • Careful attitude to the Customer

    The creation of interior starts from the first meeting and acquaintance with the Customer. In order to make appropriate and correct solution it is important to hear the Customer looking at things with his/her eyes. Careful approach helps to see what things are the most important for the Customer, protect him/her from doubts and unnecessary emotional stress. Confident relations turn energy consuming process of work on interior into an interesting and fruitful enterprise involving the Customer in creative process and giving him/her new impressions and emotions.

  • Detailed survey of the object before the designing starts

    It is of utmost importance to study all specific features of the Customer’s object and collect full and precise information about it: whether the dwelling is of the old stock or a newly-built one, metric area, urban or suburban location, existence and type of engineering networks, allotted generating capacity, collection of personal information about the Customer (way of life, occupation, health, etc.). Detailed analysis of all the specific features of a premise before starting design preparation allows to foresee the majority of prospective troubles and stress situations.

  • Choice of appropriate interior solution

    Choice of appropriate planning and conceptual solution based on deep analysis of object initial data, wishes of the Customer, budget and timing is a professional principle of Tint Soul project. Reconciliation of purported image of the object and way of life and activities of the Customer is an important aspect. You shall take into account personal specific features, color preferences and psychological type, make necessary amendments and get the only correct solution which is to be implemented. Use of appropriate materials, facilities and equipment will exclude the issue of repairs for a long time.

  • Preparation of special working documentation

    With informative and professionally prepared working documentation the construction team will be able to accurately implement the design project. Implemented interior completely satisfies all the requirements of customers only if working documentation includes all the details affecting convenience and esthetics and necessary multiple joints worked out. As a rule it represents many dozens of drawings, including different specifications, sheets and indications on assembling.




  • Designer supervision of the project

    Detailed working project is a half of success in creation of beautiful interior of best quality. Consecutive designer supervision during the construction works releases the Customer from solving current concerns at the object, saves time and money, helps to avoid mistakes in the process of construction works.

  • Clear distinction between residual and public premises design

    Special nature of designing of non-residential space implies clear understanding: it is necessary to create functional and universal space subject to interests of a wide range of people. It is the main distinctive feature of working on a public premise comparing to personal space. Correct zoning of areas based on the prospective of business development and possibilities of further space transformation is of utmost importance in public interiors. Special attention is paid to the integration of various engineering systems in general image of the interior; there is also a frequent task to reflect a corporate spirit of a company. Design of a public premise shall be comfortable for each employee of the company or a guest of a restaurant.

  • Designer supervision of the project

    Detailed working project is a half of success in creation of beautiful interior of best quality. Consecutive designer supervision during the construction works releases the Customer from solving current concerns at the object, saves time and money, helps to avoid mistakes in the process of construction works.

  • Specific attention to the area of internal engineering of a premise (water supply, sewage, extension of ventilation and conditioners, communication and security networks)




  • Strictly professional communication with construction companies and contractors

    The construction stage is one of the most conflict and stress stages of object implementation. Unfortunately specific Russian mentality and negligent attitude of construction brigades to the execution of an order may become a bugbear on the way of implementation of design project of the Customer’s object which will be difficult to overcome. Many years of communication with construction contractors help to find professional solutions in such situations and provide arguments for the tasks required, which significantly decreases the disharmony level for the Customer as well as saves his/her money and time. The project team has own complete high-level brigade of repairmen.

  • A complete base of suppliers of construction materials, furniture and interior companies

    The furnishing stage includes cooperation with Customer’s suppliers or offering solutions based on personal professional relationship. It is important to find those items which will not only reflect the idea of a design project but quality, price and esthetics of which will suit the Customer. Due to this service the Customer saves time which otherwise is spent for selection of an item, verification of its completeness, preparation of invoices and monitoring of supplies.





  • Strict sequence of design and construction processes

    Creation of object interior project of high quality is a complex algorithm in which every part has its place and is closely connected to others. Breach of the algorithm may lead to unforeseeable results, for example, increase of cost estimate or change of timing of construction. That is why our task is to strictly adhere to the sequence of design and construction stages for better outcome.

  • Absolute compliance with legal aspects of architectural and construction sphere

    The project team accurately complies with the norms of security and legal requirements of the Russian laws at all the design and construction stages.

Core activities of the team of the Tint Soul architectural design project of Liubov Polozhentseva is aimed at increase of functionality and quality of Customer’s interior in compliance with all requirements of international standards of quality in such professions as architect and interior designer. The Tint Soul project offers professional complex approach which allows to resolve all the issues related to designing, construction and furnishing of projects of any degree of complexity.