Budget is a crucial parameter not only for project of high quality but for a project which is real to implement. The situation when solutions and materials approved by the Customer and considered in the project have to be replaced with cheaper items is extremely undesirable. A remarkable replacement of the main concept of interior in the process of implementation will seriously affect the results which in its final form may disappoint the Customer. For example, design idea of your space is based on an interesting kind of chandelier and if you replace the chandelier the composition of the space will be lost.

It is necessary to define the scope of budget at the early stages of renovation, which will allow considering real materials and solutions which are to be implemented. You should not conceal real amount of your budget from architects and designers: budget amount is the same initial parameter for professionals as square of the object and height of ceilings.

We will try to give you understandable picture of renovation costs without specific professional details. There is real statistics from our projects which are described in detail in the Portfolio section..

Costs for renovation include:

  • Remuneration of an architect or designer

    Including project design, designer’s supervision, furnishing.

  • Remuneration of construction brigade



  • Costs of materials, equipment, furniture, etc


  • Payment for special works in the maintenance organization or Management Company of a house, waste disposal, payment for delivery to the door and elevation

  • Unforeseen expenses


Figures may vary for each special project up or down because every project is individual. Based on my practice I give you average figures which you may take into account in your own calculations.


Costs for renovation of an apartment in newly-built block of flats having a square of 80 sq.m. without complex replanning, large-scale dissembling works and exclusive decoration elements is as follows:

  1. Remuneration of an architect or designer.
    • Cost of designing of a project - 1 500 rubles х 80 sq.m. = 120 thousand rubles.
    • Furnishing of the project - 15 thousand rubles х 3 months = 45 thousand rubles.
    • Designer’s supervision - 15 thousand rubles х 4 months = 60 thousand rubles.

    Total: 225 thousand rubles.

  2. Remuneration of construction brigade

    12 thousand rubles х 80 sq.m. = 960 thousand rubles.

    One shall be prepared for 10% increase of the total amount provided serious dissembling works in a flat are required. Serious dissembling works mean not only demolition of curtain walls but also dismantling of plaster throughout all the square of walls and ceiling. A plaster is usually laid falsely and the covering may not be a sound base for final finishing.

    When we speak about a qualified brigade of repairmen who are able to work together with an architect or a designer the approximate price is 10-12 thousand rubles per one sq.m. of total area of a flat. Lower price may indicate poor quality of works, absence of clear communication between the Customer and constructors and risks of failure to finish works on time. Low price does not include works under the design project: as a rule it is a typical decoration (in order to have just clean apartment) using the cheapest construction materials.

    If you for some reason choose to apply to constructors offering low-cost services we kindly advise you to carefully examine quality of their work at the objects from their portfolio. For example constructors of this type are often surprised with the fact that ceramic tile at the external corners is cut with an angle of 45°.

    Additional works not included into the cost estimate may arise in the process of renovation. If design project is of excellent quality and the cost estimate is prepared correctly the increase in total payment shall not be more than 5-10%.

    Total: 1 mln. rubles.

  3. Costs of materials and equipment.

    Cost of materials and equipment is the largest item of costs having no clear limits of maximum or minimum price. In this example a medium price segment is taken into account for calculation of finishing materials, equipment and appliances (not mass market like Leroy Merlin but not a premium segment like Kuppersbusch appliances and glued-laminated parquet). We do not take into account furniture (except for kitchen one) in our calculations due to wide furniture price range; cost depends on a manufacturing company, material, functional specific features.

    Rough materials usually take 30-50% of the cost of construction works. The sounder base of the object made by the Developer is, the less money is required for crude materials. If your object is in shell condition, these costs would constitute 50% of work costs. It is such an object which is used for our example.

    1000/2 = 500 thousand rubles

    As to the process of materials purchase it is important who makes such purchases. Constructors may ask 5-10% of materials cost if they set an order themselves, go to all the shops and control delivery and acceptance of the goods. If it is possible we advise you not to ignore such offer since it will make your life much easier. Purchasing by yourself will not only take plenty of your time but the timing of works may be prolonged or their quality may suffer because of violation in processing technology (for example if you can make purchases just on weekends).

    Total costs of crude materials: 500 + 50=550 thousand rubles

    • Finishing materials (ceramic tiles of Russian manufacturing companies, engineering parquet of basic collections, floor borders, Tikkurila or Dulux paint): 350 thousand rubles and higher.
    • House door replacement - 30-50 thousand rubles.
    • Window replacement (if necessary): 20 thousand rubles х 4 windows = 80 thousand rubles
    • Replacement of radiators (if necessary or due to esthetic reasons): 20 thousand rubles х 4 = 80 thousand rubles.
    • Lamps and back-end electrical fittings: sockets, switches, regulators of temperature, etc. (European manufacturers of high quality but no exclusive ones): 300-400 thousand rubles.
    • Doors, including fittings and assemblage. Cost of decoration material significantly influences the end price of the door. The door in our example is made of wood veneer by a Russian manufacturer: 200-250 thousand rubles.
    • Bath and toilet equipment, including mixers (base collections of European brands): 200 thousand rubles.
    • Ventilation equipment (plenum wall valves, ventilators in bathroom and toilet): 20 thousand rubles.
    • Kitchen furniture , including appliances and assemblage (Russian manufacturers, appliances are manufactured in Russia also): 500 thousand rubles and higher.
    • Textile (minimum, curtain rods with curtains): 80 thousand rubles and higher.
    • Accessories and minor details (for bathroom, kitchen, etc.): 30 thousand rubles.

    Total cost of materials and equipment: 2,420 - 2,590 million rubles

  4. Payment for special works in the maintenance organization or Management Company of a house, waste disposal, payment for delivery to the door and elevation of materials, equipment, etc.

    This clause mainly refers to the payment for closure of common dropping pipes for the period of plumbing works at your object.

    Most of suppliers deliver ordered materials just to the doors of the entrance hall without free elevating to the doors of your apartment. Delivery including elevation of the goods shall be agreed upon separately: first, the goods may be delivered by one driver only; secondly, elevation works are paid additionally. We kindly advise you to ask your repairmen who get hourly remuneration if they will be able to elevate the materials.

    Rates for waste disposal depend on weight: disposal of a cubic meter of light waste (wrapping material, minor construction waste) is cheaper than that of heavy waste (plaster knocked down, tie pieces removed, cast iron radiators and bath-tub, wall material disassembled).

    You shall allocate for these costs 30-40 thousand rubles.

    Total renovation costs for an apartment of 80 sq.m. is 3.675 – 3.855 million bubles

  5. Unforeseen expenses.

    Unforeseen expenses may arise as a result of different situations: from plummeting of ruble exchange rates to unplanned repair of dropping pipes in the upper neighbors’ apartment or sound insulation of their floors (for your own comfort). We kindly advise you to allocate 3-5 % of total renovation cost for such kind of expenses.

    Total unforeseen expenses: 150-200 thousand rubles

    Total renovation costs for an apartment of 80 sq.m. including unforeseen costs is 3,825-4,055 million rubles