Жилое пространство Intelligent apartments in the city center

Interior design project of three-room apartment for spouses at Vosstania street.

Date: 2013-2014.
Term of designing and implementation: 8 months.
Square of the object: 80 sq.m.

The aim was to create an apartment luminous to the highest possible extent and to allocate enough space for united kitchen and sitting-room where owners will be able to comfortably welcome their guests. As to the private part of the apartment the target was to create a bedroom with a bathroom and a study room.

Project idea and concept:
The Bokalovs wanted to get a comfortable apartment which style would naturally fit in its central location in historic part of the city. A special wish of Tatyana was to have a functional kitchen which would be the heart of the apartment and place of materialization of her cooking skills.
Initial conditions:
An apartment located in a monolithic house built according to the project of Mamoshin’s architectural studio had complicated configuration, open plan, monolithic-type bearing columns and had been handed out by the Developer in shell condition. The Customers asked to take into account in the project the furniture which they had.

Жилое пространство PROJECT DETAILS

Catastrophic lack of natural illumination in the apartment was the main difficulty of the project. There were just four small windows for the area of 80 sq.m. and besides there was a glassed-in balcony in one of the rooms which also swallowed up the light. A developed illumination concept, delicate colors and almost free space became a good solution. General lighting was provided by alabaster spotlights, while modern decorative classic lamps were responsible for local lighting. Also additional lightening of the apartment was achieved by use of light colors with light-reflecting effect in decoration. Besides I used light natural textile instead of heavy curtains at the windows for this project. In order to fill the space with light and air I decided to separate the hall and the kitchen-sitting room with a wide portal without setting up screens and doors, as a result of which we got highly open prospect. At the first meeting with the Customers at the object I understood that ventilation channels in the premise work with backdraft. Such status of air exchange could lead to potential troubles with comfortable living of the owners and was a danger to their health. The issue was solved through applying to the management company of the house. Also entrance door was moved due to rational layout, which was approved by official authorities. During the construction works difficulties occur due to construction workers’ carelessness. As a result the construction brigade had to be replaced, which extended the terms of renovation process. 
Color solution:
Delicate colors and pastel shades with emphasis on compound neutral hues – gentle green and lilac, light pistachio green and light blue – aim at creation of deep space.
Project emphasis:
In this project major attention was focused on details. I worked out design of combined carpet porcelain tile for the bathroom of colors selected within the design project. Interior doors were painted in light pistachio green colors on a by-order basis. The kitchen design was also in the focus of attention. Together with the Customer we carefully selected textile, lithographs and pictures on the walls.
Interior style:
Modern classic.
Manufacturing companies:
Topcer, Ceramica Vouge, Cerim, Simas, Nicolazzi, Voltolina, Fineza-Puerta, the Maria Russian furniture manufactory.